Life in Lake Tahoe with a bit of real estate news



Hurricane Bay is on the west shore of Lake Tahoe roughly three miles south of Tahoe City.


Hurricane Bay is dog friendly but Hwy 89 is close so be careful.  The shore drops off quickly so it is a good place to throw the ball or stick if you have a dog that enjoys water.  It can be a busy spot in the summer but there's lots of parking.


Emerald Bay is located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe approximately 18 miles south of Tahoe City and approximately 12 miles from South Lake Tahoe.  The state park has a boat-in camp ground and Eagle Point Camp ground.  

Emerald Bay

This is a very popular destination and in the summer there are many boats in the bay and tied up to the beach and many hikers and photographers around the Vikingsholm mansion.  Points of interest includ...



Chambers Landing is the oldest bar on Lake Tahoe and literally sits at the end of a pier over the water.  It is approximately 7 miles south of Tahoe City on the west shore.  They have a small menu from their barbecue includ...