North Lake Tahoe Beaches


Beaches in North Lake Tahoe

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KBSRA is a 1700-feet long lakefront property located at 8318 North Lake Boulevard. It is a popular beach destination boasting the largest public access beachside on the North Shore.

Considered one of the warmest swimming sites, KBSRA is a favorite by many due to its sloping lake floor. The property also faces south so the temperature is very favorable for outdoor recreation. Apart from the scenic picnic area, the property also has a playground overlooking the lake. The picnic areas are available on a first come, first served basis.

The Tahoe Regional Annual Pass worth $75 gives access to your favorite parks in Lake Tahoe including KBSRA. Other destinations include Emerald Bay State Park, Ed Z’Berg Sugar Pine Point State Park, D.L. Bliss State Park and Donner Memorial State Park.

California State Parks owns and manages this prime California State Recreation Area. For inquiries and information, you can contact State Parks at (530) 583-3075.




Beside KBSRA is the Kings Beach Plaza – a property owned by the California Tahoe Conservancy. The area is nestled under mature Jeffrey Pines in the heart of Kings Beach. Natural grassy meadows and well-maintained courtyards fill the area surrounded by split cedar rustic fencing.

The place is well-equipped with facilities for visitors. Restrooms are a short walk from all main attractions and a basketball court is ideally situated on the lakefront. The place can host basketball games as well as parties with its adjacent wide open promenade.




Right next to Kings Beach Park is a unique property operated by California State Parks called Coon Street Dog Beach and Boat Launch. The facility has a boat launch ramp that opens to the public when the lake levels are ideal. There are enough restrooms and parking space for regular vehicles and motor homes. Picnic tables are also provided in common areas for everyone’s convenience.

Coon Street is famous for being the only public dog recreation area in the whole Tahoe Vista. It has an area for dogs - a small rocky area to the left of the boat ramp. For inquiries and reservations, contact State Parks at (530) 583-3075.




Another property operated by California Tahoe Conservancy is Patton Landing. It is in the middle of Carnelian Bay and hosts a small coffeehouse called Waterman’s Landing. Apart from exploring fresh food and drinks, you can do some water activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing.

A unique feature of this property is its black pebbles in the beach side instead of the usual sand. This is a characteristic unique only to the Tahoe Basin. Patton Landing in North Lake Tahoe also has picnic tables and restrooms for public use. The parking lot is limited, so it’s best to visit early for day-long activities.




California Tahoe Conservancy also owns a large lakefront 2.7 acre property managed by California State Parks called North Tahoe Beach Center. It has 540-feet of shoreline and is located at the intersection of Highway 28 and 267. This property in 7860 North Lake Boulevard has a pavilion, three beach volleyball courts, and restroom facilities. Reservations are accepted for the pavilion, but the rest are for first come, first served basis. For reservations, call (530) 583-3074.



Across Highway 28 is a Tahoe Vista property known as Sandy Beach. It is another property of the California Tahoe Conservancy. There are no picnic tables or cottages and portable restrooms are only available during summer. For the rest of the year, the place is more suitable for quick stops and photo opportunities. For more information, call State Parks at (530) 583-3075.



Tahoe Vista Recreation Area is a beautiful 2.7 acre lakeside park with about 800 feet of water frontage. This award winning property is a collaborative effort between California Tahoe Conservancy, California Department of Boating and Waterways, and North Tahoe Public Utility District. The park boasts of paved walkways providing easy access and navigation around the property. There is a sheltered facility for boat launching, picnic and special event spaces, sidewalks, restrooms and a plaza.

There are also seasonal events and activities in the park hosted by the Tahoe Water Trail and District Concessionaire Tahoe Adventure Company. SUP and kayak rentals will be available as well as guided tours within the facility. The property has a designated 3.6-acre parking spot with a capacity of 42 regular vehicles and 24 trailers. There is also a bus pullout shelter, storm water BMP’s and landscaping.

Tahoe Vista Recreation Area is free to all. However, you can rent the entire facility for:

  • Private Events like weddings, BBQ parties, reunions and such. All types of gatherings with less than 20 participants are considered private events. For reservation, fill out a reservation form to reserve picnic tables. For larger crowds, the plaza can be reserved. The facility will still remain open to the public.
  • Public Special Events are gatherings with more than 50 participants who are charged for participation. There will be a $200 administrative fee with every special public event application, charged and nonrefundable.



A small area made of several smaller parcels of land owned by the North Tahoe Public Utility District, Placer County, and California Tahoe Conservancy. It is still an underdeveloped property in Kings Beach with limited picnic tables and chairs. However, the beachfront is still an ideal place for strolling, volleyball and other beachside activities.



Commonly known as “Carnelian West”, Carnelian Beach West is another property in the Carnelian Bay with a nearby restaurant called Gar Woods. It shares a parking lot with the locally famous restaurant and is dog-friendly. Just like Coon Beach and Tahoe Unleashed Dog Park, Carnelian West welcomes leashed pets. There are restrooms and picnic tables all year round allowing a relaxing day by the beach.



Just off of North Lake Blvd. is Moon Dunes Beach. It is a Tahoe Vista property owned by the California Tahoe Conservancy. The beach is managed by the North Tahoe Public Utility District and is open to the public year long. Surrounding the area is the Snow Creek with its scenic landscape and the Rustic Cottages across. There are portable restrooms during summer for your convenience. For questions, you can contact State Parks at (530) 583-3075.



Situated at the foot of Harbor Avenue, Speedboat Beach is a fairly small area with minimal parking. There are no restrooms, cottages or picnic tables. It is best for on-foot visitors and those who like strolling by the beachside and passing by. There are signage and No Parking signs all over the place, so it is very important to be mindful and obedient when visiting.