Life in Lake Tahoe with a bit of real estate news


Polaris Road ends at the North Tahoe High School and is located in The Highlands just above Dollar Hill.  This is a fun single track that connects to many trails behind the high school and over to the Tahoe City XC Center.  From here one can climb to Mt Watson, over to Tahoe City and even out to Northstar.  There are moderately easy trails and very difficult trails in the area.


Grand Ave is in Tahoe Pines on the west shore of Lake Tahoe and runs along Fleur Du Lac.  Drive away from the lake on Grand Ave and park at the end.  There is parking for just 2 or 3 cars when there is no snow.  This is a nice flat trail with a few smail dips and hills and ends up at Barker Pass Rd.  If you take the road to the right just a little ways, you can continue on a dirt road which eventually climbs to more of an off road trail.  This is a great out and back trail which is roughly 3 miles each way (if calulations are correct) or take Barker Pass Road to the...


This is located in Carnelian Heights in the Cedar Flats area.  Turn off Hwy 28 onto Old County Rd and drive all the way up.  Park at the end of Old County and access many trails on the north shore between Tahoe City and Kings Beach and even out to Northstar.  Many trails are easily accessible toward the Nordic Center and up to Lake Watson.


Nightingale is located in Ridgewood Highlands which in in the back of Cedar Flats between Dollar Hill and Carnelian Bay.  One can access many hiking and biking trails on the north shore and can reach Northstar, Lake Watson and Mt Watson, the Nordic Center and Tahoe City.  This is a fun trail which is a slight climb and connects to other fun trails or more challenging trails.


Carnelian Woods Ave is in the back of Carnelian Bay.  It is a good climb and connects to many other trails north and south.  You can reach Northstar Ski Area, Tahoe City and Kings Beach on the trails above.  Double check on parking because Carnelian Woods Association owns the property around here.  Garwoods Grill and Pier and The Old Post Office are close by in Carnelian Bay.


Carnelian Bay Ave is in the back of the neighborhood of Agate Bay.  The trail starts as a dirt road, which is Carnelian Bay Ave, and climbs to many different trails off the Fiberboard Freeway / Mt Watson Rd.  There are many fun trails around Mt Watson and Lake Watson and one can actually get to Tahoe City, Northstar and Kings Beach from here.  Garwoods Grill and Pier is approximately 2 miles, Kings Beach is roughly 3 miles and Tahoe City is approximately 8 miles from this trail head.


Winona is located off Agatam in Tahoe Vista on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.  This is a nice trail to walk the dog or to go for a quiet stroll.  The trail eventually borders the Old Brockway Golf Course.  There is a little loop with a small climb snaking through the trees and bushes and is a great way to spend a few hours in the hills of Tahoe.


The North Tahoe Regional Park is located in Tahoe Vista approximately 1 mile off Hwy 28.  The park consists of roughly 124 acres and is surrounded by forested public land which has many trials connecting to an extensive trail system.  This is a fun place to explore for a few hours or get lost for the day.  It is possible to reach Northstar, Kings Beach, Tahoe City and climb to Mt Watson.  They have a par course with 18 stations for a fun and different workout, a nature trail, a paved bike path and a few picnic sites.  There are great views of Lake Tahoe from the ...


Martis Creek Rd is located between Northstar Ski Area and the town of Truckee off of Hwy 267 on the east side of the Truckee Tahoe Airport.  This is a great place to take a walk with the dog or go for a run.  There is ample parking.


Cold Stream is located on the west side of Truckee, south of I-80 and east of Donner Lake.  Many locals walk their dogs here and there are trails for biking, running and walking.  This is a short drive to many restaurants in Truckee and easy access on and off I-80.  The road borders Donner Memorial State Park.